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When you call a soldier back to war, your calling in his nightmares, his fears, and his worries...
He sees blood, he smells the smoke, he breaths the dirt of a battlefield at a constant pace...
What does he see? He sees the barrage of bullets, the flash of lights, and the horror of it all...
When you call a soldier back to his own personal war... All your doing is.. asking for trouble..
It might not mean much now, but just you wait....

The scene fades into an emptied gym. No one can be seen, but you can hear the sound of something coming from the back of the place. You move ever so closer towards the back of the gym. You pass many machines used to help the greatest of champions to get in shape for their events. The sound draws closer to you as you inch your way towards a back room. The door is opened just enough to see the orange tint of sunlight creeping out and onto the grey tiled flooring. The door is pushed open just enough to see a man standing there with so much focus in his step and his hands that make the impact on a sand weighted bag he is using for practice.

He doesn't notice the prying eyes now fixated on him. He works his way around the heavy bag hanging from it's base with one single chain. You can notice the man's face now and it's none other than the new face of Shane Dresden. The corner of his vision finally finds you standing there. He stops his pace at the bag and he draws the attention towards your eyes.He grabs a towel laying on his faded blue gym bag and he takes a seat down on a steel chair. The cold steel rushes up his back and gives him a new refreshing feeling that he hasn't come to feel in a few hours.. coldness.

Shane brushes the towel against his face to get the sweat on his brow and then he wipes off his chest which is equally drenched. He rests the towel on the back of his neck as he comes to try and figure out why there is a camera man standing in-front of him. It's a new feeling to him to have such a thing come and invade his time, but it's just part of his new contract with EWE. Imagine the thoughts gradually rushing through his mind.. It's all new to him and it's something he is still taking in a day at a time. The sun's rays shine on him from the windows and the room is filled with such a brightnes
s. The dust in the air dances around in the light and it looks almost poetic in several ways.

Shane Dresden - So.. It looks like it starts. The ballad of who I am and what I am all about right? Just what do I bring to the party your wondering? Well I bring alot and I lay it all on the table for everyone to see. You see, I am the newest member of EWE and I bring potential, a new face, new talent, and a hunger along with me. I bring my dreams with me.. My hopes in this lifetime.. What better way to start things off I thought than to enter myself into a tournament of sorts. The King of Xtreme tournament. I seen the sign up sheet so I decided that there wasn't a better way to send a big wave of electricity through the room and to have all eyes drawing their wonders my way. What better way to make my name known in every single person's head than to step up and try to win what they've known every year.. Something just new to me.

There is no running away from this now and that is just how I like it. I want to make it known that I am one hell of  competitor and I never intend to take the easy road. That is what my first opponent, Christy Chaos is going to figure out in the most unfortunate way. I was raised never to hit a lady, but this is all business and I can't back down and I won't be taking it easy on you Christy. It's time to step up and show that I am not the average wrestler. I've got something to prove and I will be proving that starting today.

Suddenly, a large silhouette of what looks to be a giant can be seen in the shadows. It looks like a giant of sorts. The figure comes forward and he looks completely monstrous. A being that looks like they've been through unspeakable things. He has on a mask covering his face. He has on some black clothing that just kind of blends together. He just stands there not saying a word. Instead it's Shane that continues on speaking as he takes notice to the giant standing right behind him..

Shane Dresden - Ahh, you all haven't met my friend here, Jericho. He is part of who I am. You could say he is a brother to me in a twisted kind of way. You see, Jericho here.. He doesn't speak much.. He's a mute. He's seen alot and has been through more. His mind is almost completely gone, but the thing that holds him together is me. I am a part of him just as much as he is of me. He wanted to enter this tournament, but I decided it was best to not unleash him yet.. I don't want that much blood on my hands and I rather not have to face him if it came to that. There isn't much Jericho understands, but he does understand competition and just as it is in my blood.. It runs through his veins and he recognizes this. I've trained with him and I have been in the ring against him. Trust me, you much rather  deal with me than him. Now I must say the number

Jericho is here for support and well, he helps me train. If I can take on him, I can take on anyone. Now I haven't really heard from my opponent yet and it's kind of weird because I haven't really seen anyone take action in their match as of yet. Maybe I am the first of many. I came to EWE on a hunch that it would offer me a challenge. I really hope I wasn't pointed in this direction to be sorely disappointed. I want a war.. I want hellish fight.. That is what I expect of this tournament. Christy Chaos, you are just as silent as my mute friend here and I expect more out of my opponents. I want some fight in you and you better be ready. I may be new to this industry, but trust me.. I am certainly not new to a ring. I have trained and fought hard to get where I am today and right where I am at now.

Shane gets up from the chair and he looks like a small child compared to the size of Jericho. He looks at Jericho with the knowledge of who he is within his eyes. He nods at Jericho and points at a ring that sits in the middle of this backroom. Shane gets into the ring and Jericho steps up onto the ring apron as if it was just a stair to him. He then gets into the ring. They circle around in the ring plotting their first move. Jericho towers around in their like a giant beast as Shane tries to play a much more swifter playing card.

Jericho goes for a grapple, but Shane slips around him and hits him with a swift kick right in the back of the leg. Jericho's right knee buckles and he goes down to one knee. Shane hit's Jericho with a snapmare and it completely doesn't phase the giant monster. Jericho grabs Shane by the throat as he gets back to his feet. Jericho lifts Shane up and the sunlight hits Shane in the eye as he feels desperation seeping into his mind. Shane sends a powerful boot to the throat of Jericho and Jericho drops him where he stands. Shane signals for a short break and both men go to opposite corners for a short pause in their training. The camera follows Shane into his corner.

Shane Dresden - A beast is hard to take down when he's much stronger and ultimately better than you in almost every aspect. If you don't think and use your mind, you'll always be in a world of trouble. Do I worry? No.. not I.. I have everything under control today. I will also have everything in under control when it comes to Black Friday. I will be ready Christy..You are just a small stepping stone on my way to a great career. I am training harder than I ever have. I will be ready and I will be waiting for you to show me a fight. Show me just why I am here in EWE. Show me that my name being signed on a dotted line wasn't all for nothing.

Shane nods at his beastly friend as he calls a time in for the practice as the scene comes to a fade for what is to come at Black Friday...